Crock Pot Cooking

In today’s fast life, almost nobody has time to cook in slow cookers. Sometimes these traditional cooking methods are a lot of fun and a real change from the daily tasks.

Often referred to as dust collectors, this can be one of the most useful elements of our kitchen. Here are some simple ideas on how to use slow or slow cookers more effectively.

1. The idea is that the size of the roast should be appropriate for the clay pot. If the pieces are too big and try to force them into the clay pot, cooking is less effective or may take longer. This is one of the most common tips for cooking clay pots.

2. Remove the skin while cooking the birds. For other meats, cut off excess fat before cooking. In this way, the flavor can be increased by reducing the fat taste. Since the finished food would have less fat, it would be pretty healthy to eat it.

3. Cooking clay pots can also be tastier with vegetables. Carrots, onions, potatoes and other fresh root vegetables can be placed on the bottom of the bowl under the meat. In this way, these vegetables can be cooked better because they need more time to cook compared to meat.

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