Orange Chicken Recipe

This recipe can be modified to be more oriental if you wish. There are some really good spices on the grocery store shelf. You can add seasonings to the orange sauce to improve your dining experience.

Sometimes I like to try different recipes for most regular recipes. This is a good recipe to get out of the daily kitchen. Easy preparation and I have reduced 2 lots if you want to increase the ration only double the recipe.

This is the procedure:

1 – 6 ounces of long/wild rice grains (your choice) cook the rice according to the instructions and season the flavor of the substitute chicken broth for water.

4 – Chunks of chicken (2 breasts/2 legs quarter) you pick. Put the chicken on a pan, and mix it with butter (spoonfuls), add a little salt and pepper and cook in the oven @ 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.

Take a tablespoon of butter to add 1/3 cup of orange marmalade and 1/4 cup of frozen orange juice in a small bowl. Heat to boiling is removed from the heat. In a cup, take 1/2 teaspoon cornstarch and melt 2 tablespoons of cold water and pour into the pan. This will boil the orange sauce. At this point, in case you need to add nuts (walnut slices, walnuts or almonds) about 1/4 cup. Instead, you can order onions, peppers or any other you prefer.

We took the cooked rice, put it in the baking dish, put the chicken on top and pour the sauce over the chicken. Put in the oven and continue cooking for 15 minutes or until the chicken turns brown. Remove from the oven and enjoy the orange flavor.

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