Pulled Pork Sandwich Recipe

Preparing pork for barbecue sandwiches is not a complicated task. Everyone can do it with the right equipment, the right ingredients and a little bit of knowledge about the masters of the barbecue pits. First the team.

To make a real grill like minced pork, a real grill smoker is required. Basically, there are three different smoking styles: type offset, vertical or kettle. All use low and indirect heat. Many people already have a grill that can be used as a smoker, Weber’s famous kettle grill. This grill type can be configured to be used as a smoker by simply setting up two small charcoal fires on each side of the grill and placing the meat in the middle of the grill, not directly above the heat. Bear in mind that barbecuing is slow cooking so the fire should not be very big. If a kettle is not available, you can buy a suitable smoker in almost any of the big box stores or even in a store like WalMart.

The piece of meat that is normally used for the pulled pork is the pork shoulder. Many people will only use a portion of the pork shoulder, the cut known as Boston Butt. Contrary to what many believe, this is not outside the “back” of the pig from which the hams came, but outside the back end of the pork shoulder.

Hence the term Boston at its best. Ask the butcher for one, he’ll know what it is. This piece of meat should be rubbed with a spice mixture, the so-called barbecue friction. Most bumps contain salt, pepper, a kind of sugar and various spices, depending on the taste of the grill cook. There are many recipes for skewers that can be found on the internet or even in a public library. Most rubs are applied generously and left to rest on the meat for a few hours before cooking.

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